What to Do to Prepare your Home to Sell at Top Price on Colorado Springs' Hot Housing Market

It’s said that you’ll never run out of adventures when you live in Colorado. People are flocking to Colorado Springs to live a laid-back life ripe with outdoor activities while still enjoying access to big-city amenities. Housing in Colorado Springs is in high demand. With home values going up a little over 9% (according to Zillow statistics) in the past year alone, it is becoming an increasingly popular relocation destination for families, professionals and those seeking a peaceful retirement location. 

The housing market in Colorado Springs currently favors those people looking to sell their home. The demand for houses is so high that sellers are in a great position to receive above-average offers on their homes and to sell them with minimal time on the market. While your first thought may be to get your house in the market as quickly as possible, your best approach is to strategically prepare your home for sale prior to listing it. These simple steps will help you put your home’s best foot forward and garner an incredible offer. 

Remember, Clutter is your Biggest Enemy 
When it comes to showing your home in the best light, less is always more to potential buyers. Tackle any items where your things have accumulated over the years. Remember, nothing is really off-limits for people touring your home. Sticking excess items in a closet or stuffing them in cupboards won’t keep a truly interested buyer from peeking behind those doors. This is a great time to collect items you don’t really need and make a large donation to someplace that can really use those items. Invest in a storage unit if you need to. The more clutter you can get rid of, the more spacious your home will seem. 

Your child may love the bright green accent wall in their bedroom, but it could be a huge turn off for a prospective buyer seeking to use that 3rd bedroom as a home office. Of course, they know that they can paint over it. However, it sets up a mental red flag that there is immediate work to be done if they should purchase your house. You can’t go wrong with neutral tones. Repainting any overly-bold walls with a breezy neutral tone has two major benefits. First, it will decrease the chance of setting off a mental red flag. Second, it will better allow the buyer to envision themselves in your home with the wall color they will eventually choose. 

Address Scuff Marks and Tarnished Baseboards 

If you already have moderately-neutral walls, take the time to pay attention to the walls by removing any scuff marks and scrubbing down the walls and baseboards. The walls set the tone for the entire room. They should sparkle as if they were all freshly painted. 

Invest in a Professional Photographer 
Once your home is camera-ready, it is time to bring in a professional photographer. Close to 90% of buyers start their home search online. Don't miss out on the buyer looking for a house just like yours by not having amazing exterior and interior photos.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay