From casual cook meets to fine dinner settings, have you done every possible kind of hosting and now looking for something new? If yes, you should try the trending charcuterie style!

Be it a romantic date night or a big family celebration, charcuterie boards are becoming a hit. And for good reasons, the delectable meat, the savory cheese, and the appetizing sides make for a perfect combination. 

So what are you waiting for? Hit any of the below-mentioned charcuterie spots in Colorado Springs and get immersed in the cheesiness!

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5 Best Spots for Charcuterie in Colorado Springs

Graze Craze North Colorado Springs

Graze Craze should be your go-to option when you want to set up a romantic charcuterie spread for two or host a party or work event. Its assortments are delectable and a visual treat. From charcuterie boards to boxes to tables, order whatever suits your event the best and make an impression in front of your guests.

Beasts & Brews

This cool and trendy taphouse and butcher shop is well-known for local beers, wines, ciders, spirits, kombuchas, coffee, and other beverages. If you wish to pair these drinks with a good old charcuterie platter, Beast & Brews won’t disappoint you. Fine taste, high-quality products, and a fun atmosphere — what else do you need for an unforgettable evening?

Cowboy Star Restaurant & Butcher Shop Colorado Springs

Come to the Cowboy Star Restaurant for a unique fine dining experience. Here, the chef artistically combines contemporary American cuisine with a western flare and serves magical potions. Its beautifully assembled charcuterie is so good it will melt in your mouth before you know it!

The Board Gatherings

These catering and event charcuterie service is all about offering mouthwatering bites, cheesy delights, and savory experiences. Sit with your old fellas over a glass of Chardonnay and top it off with one of their luxury cheese boards. 


Charcuterallie is famous among locals for its visually appealing board arrangements and attention to detail. Get ready to find beautifully curated high-quality meats, cheeses, and other tasty treats in their charcuterie. Trust us - the assortment will make for a perfect meal for your movie or group trivia night.

We hope you liked our cheesy recommendations!

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